We have test a new pixel-art stock image to be added to the map. Pretty cool isn't it? It's called Rombong Bakso

ProgrammedMe is an interesting mix of concepts between Python Turtle and Isometric pixel-art simulation game. Aimed to teach python programming as fun as possible to my 6 years old daughter (hence, to any other newcomer in programming as well), this project begins its life in the end of November, 2013 at a Pythonblogs site in Pythonthusiast.

It has always been my personal desire to be able to convert a regular child (whatever that means!) into an enthusiast programmer: one who code for fun and nothing but fun! I have came from a long way to eventually choose Python as a programming language for first timer in coding. But even though Python already satisfied my picky selection of programming language, according to my own judgement there is no library/platform existed that will truly encourage children to learn programming. Don't get me wrong : I love Python Turtle (a some kind of Logo descendant). But its 2D graphic was still not entertaining children much. I know, I had shown it to my daughter and well, she is not that interested in it.

My 6 years old daughter and her 3 years old brother

Hence come this ProgrammedMe initiatives, intended to teach children coding in Python language --without them even realize that it is a programming course. Initially built with MonoGame and IronPython for Windows platform, other platforms will be targeted as well:

- Mac OS X
- Linux
- Android
- iOS
- Windows Phone

Follow its tutorial series in Pythontusiast - ProgrammedMe Tutorial and become fully aware when this project realise its goals!

Stay tuned!

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